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Entertainment Marketing

Soma Management, LLC’s objective is to offer its clients the widest choice of content distribution in Multi-Media entertainment. Bring your content, brands or products to these entertainment marketing channels:
  • Wireless Handsets
  • On-line Entertainment programs via the Internet
  • Feature Films
  • Television
  • Video Games
  • Music Videos
  • Reality Programs
  • Infomercials (Short form and Long form)
  • Print

We discuss individual needs and goals with our clients to determine which media are best for them. Many of our clients use Television and the Internet, together, to promote and to generate maximum awareness of their product.

Why pay to advertise around the borders of a TV Show or Movie, when you can integrate your products into the body of the production for the fraction of the cost?

We create placements that reflect how and where your products are used in real life, and are highly watched by your target markets.

Key actors use your products, and you are not paying those ridiculous endorsement fees. Placements go on forever as they are permanently embedded in the media.

The audience for Multi-Media entertainment is ever increasing. Soma Management, LLC orchestrates the association between a product/brand and virtually any entertainment medium.

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